The Family of John and Mary Carpenter

Image of the Deed of John Carpenter

The Genealogical Record of the Descendants of John and Elizabeth Campbell (Descendant 1883) contains the family tree of the Campbell family but also the family tree of John Carpenter about 5 generations. The second genealogical record immediately following the John and Elizabeth Campbell record is their daughter, Mary Campbell, the wife of John Carpenter. Roger Carpenter in the early nineties started his search for the descendants of the children of David and Hattie Carpenter listed in the genealogical record. David Carpenter is a direct descendant of John Carpenter. Several years later, the author received a letter from Roger inquiring about his family. The biography of Joseph Carpenter, son of Jesse B. Carpenter, gives us a closer look at James Carpenter. Probably family stories Joseph had obtained during his life and especially stories about James from his grandfather, John who was living with his family as indicated in the 1860 census.

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