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Hello, I am Jesse Carpenter, the author. I like to welcome you to participate in this family project. 

There are three types of articles, The Main, Clan and Family articles.

The Main articles consists of articles about James Carpenter and articles about his children and their families. The titles begin with the wording “The Family of …” These articles require genealogical sources such as US censuses, documents like birth,  marriage, and death certificates, etc. 

The Clan articles begin similarly like the Main articles “The Family of …” but covers the family of descendants of James Carpenter. These articles also require genealogical sources. Also the article covers at least 3 generations from parents to children. The author can be anyone.

Finally there are the Family articles which may have any title that may cover any meaningful event or events from someones past. It does not necessarily need any genealogical sources. It can be either a biography or an autobiography. The author can be anyone.

Some examples, first the article called "The Family of David and Hattie Carpenter" by Roger Carpenter is considered a Clan Article. Another example, where Roger also wrote an article called "The Best Little Bakery in Morrison Illinois" and it is considered a Family Article. These articles are located on the right side of the web pages under their own menu at the James Carpenter website.

Please submit your work to the following address:

Jesse Carpenter, Project GHCC
PO BOX 50454
Albuquerque, NM 87181-0454

You should be contacted within a couple of weeks after we receive your work. If you do not hear from us, please use the contact form at the James Carpenter website (http://www.jamescarpenter.org) to check whether or not your work has been received. Before mailing your work to us, please include a cover page explaining the contents and a way so that we can contact you. Please include at least your email address.

The Family Group Sheet and Ancestor Chart are attached for your convenience. For those who do not wish to submit a story but would like to submit their family to the Project GHCC where a family member is a descendant of James Carpenter. 

All articles, records, documents and worksheets will undergo review for approval.


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