Descendants of John and Elizabeth Campbell

The Genealogical Record of the Descendants of John and Elizabeth Campbell - 1883 (DJEC)

This Record is one of the main sources for the John Carpenter family and his descendants. John Carpenter is the third son of James Carpenter.

Initially the first copy came from the Roger Carpenter research where he received his copy from Ms. Lighton during the early nineties. This copy had many corrections made to it. Therefore it became necessary to confirm the validity of the record from another source hopefully being in its original state. Received a copy from the New England Historic Genealogical Society Library (call number CS71.C19 1883). After comparing the two copies, it may become obvious that the corrections were justified. I will leave this to the reader to decide.

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Page 1 Record 2
MARY died at Williamsport, Pa., August 6th, 1847.

Page 2 Last Line
John CARPENTER, died at Williamsport, Pa., July 3d, 1865.

Page 22 Children of (80) should be record number (78)… See Notes Below.

Some of the dates throughout the record were changed or scratched out but are not listed here because these may require some form of verification.


The NAME of Jesse J. Carpenter appears 3 times.
Page 7 Record 67
Page 8 Record 78
Page 22 Record 80 (The record number is a mistake. Instead of 80 it should be 78.)

The Horn children - the stepfamily of Jesse J. Carpenter:
Page 19 Record 230 Andrew M. Horn
Page 32 Children of (230)
Page 19 Record 231 George Horn
Page 32 Children of (231)


The Ms. Lighton copy was submitted to the Internet Archive back in 2012.


The Preface

The compiler submits the "Record" to the lineage of John and Elizabeth Campbell, as the result of several years of earnest and persevering labor. None but those who have experienced the perplexity in compiling a Genealogy can comprehend the difficulties. Doubtful and uncertain approximative data, absent and neglected records, questionable tradition, the neglect to answer inquiries and the indifference manifested by those supposed to be interested in a work of the kind, were embarrassments not seen or expected, but had to be overcome. 

The task, however, has been accomplished, and to those who came promptly to the compiler's assistance, he tenders his thanks. Among them Asher M. Carpenter, of Linden, PA; Isaac W. Campbell, of Fort Wayne, Ind; Mrs. George H. Locey, of La Salle, Ills, and Mrs. Horace J. Parker, of beaver Dams, NY, deserve special mention; yet others have kindly assisted, for which thanks are returned. 

When it is possible to obtain facts, a brief Biographical sketch has been embodied in the Record; where they are absent, no blame can be attached to the compiler, as he made every effort to secure material to make the book interesting - to invest it with something more than names and dates.

Of the list of those who were active in their life and time, many have passed away, leaving evidence of uprightness, virtue and integrity. May we emulate them and gather the fruits of their labor. Signed Jackson.

Isaac W. Campbell of Fort Wayne Indiana is the grandson of John Campbell. Isaac was born August 6th, 1834. He published the Fort Wayne (Ind) "Times and Standard." He was the Deputy Sheriff, the Real Estate Appraiser and the Deputy Auditor of Allan County, Ind. Secretary of the Grand Lodge of Odd Fellows, and a member of the Lumber firm of Diether & Campbell. He resides in Fort Wayne, Indiana. Isaac's wife was Sarah (Sallie) J. Humbert and they married October 30th 1862 and had four children according to the DJEC record. His parents were Isaac Campbell and Sophia Garrison who were married June 6th, 1817. More of their family history can be found in the DJEC record.

Some research on Isaac W. Campbell - about the Fort Wayne Indiana "Times and Standard" unfortunately the only "Times and Standard" reference is in Manistee Michigan (1874-1882). As indicated above, the newspaper is from Fort Wayne, Indiana. Received an email about Isaac W. Campbell who published or worked for the "Fort Wayne Daily Times" where the paper existed for a few years from 1863 through 1865 (the years were not confirmed) which was titled the "Dawson's Fort Wayne Daily Times." It has been confirmed that Isaac W. Campbell known as Ike W. Campbell has written columns in the Dawson's Fort Wayne Daily Times.

Information concerning the record and its contributors on the following individuals still pending:

Asher M. Carpenter is the son of Jesse B. Carpenter and great-grandson of James Carpenter.

Mrs. George H. Locey, of La Salle, Ills, and Mrs. Horace J. Parker, of beaver Dams, NY.