The James Carpenter website is the Intermediator. We assist between you and the information about you that will be published in the genealogical record. The project now is in its tenth year called the Project GHCC or The Project Genealogical Record of the Carpenter Clan. The actual title of the genealogical record will be disclosed very soon.

All this service is free for you and your family, the Carpenter and Allied Families related to the Descendants of Thomas Carpenter. Once the record is published, we offer absolutely free the electronic version of the genealogical record.

Image of the Descendants of Thomas Carpenter

There is a catch. You have to participate. Please reach out, I am here for you.

People are forever lost once their ashes blow in the wind. They’re gone forever. This is so true with many cremated today and there is no memorial for descendants to search. It’s like they never existed. The project is here for you as a memorial that you had lived and you were here so your descendants can find you in their search. Show your love for the family and share with us your experiences. I don’t care if you’re famous, I care if you’re family. You ought to know I love you even if you think I don’t. You are important.

The Book Project GHCC is different, yet it is similar to other famous historical genealogical records in book form. For example, The Carpenter Family by Amos B. Carpenter famously known as the Rehoboth Carpenters; The Carpenter Family by Daniel H. Carpenter famously known as the Providence R.I. Carpenters. None of these records have the Descendants of Thomas Carpenter. The list of historical records are numerous among the Carpenters and their Allied families but there is nothing in these tomes about us. It is time to change that. The Book Project GHCC will be sent to the Copyright Office to become a permanent record at the Library of Congress for all to use. It will become different because you will share more than your name and the boring genealogical statistics, you’ll share your experiences no matter how insignificant you might think they are. You are telling us who you are. Thank you.

Many know Roger Carpenter, the family genealogist, and many also know me, Jesse Carpenter as the author. The research of the Descendants of Thomas Carpenter has collected hundreds of Family Group Sheets that began since the year, 1991. There is still time to submit yours and your Dear-Ones who have passed away. Send us your stories. Please. Download the Project GHCC forms today.