James Carpenter

Our ancestor, James Carpenter, is the lost ancestor, otherwise, the top most common ancestor of the Carpenter Family and we use his name as the title for the website. This paper, “Who was James Carpenter?” is a research guide. We start with his biography.

The Family of George and Mary Bennett

This article like many others was set aside for over a year until I found time to write it. I like to thank Eileen C. for the News Clip on the obituary of Mary Carpenter. It motivated me to dig deeper into her life. It is sad that these text are not used by genealogists because their sources are not listed. The main point that is so significant here although circumstantial it supports the Carpenter Biographies, especially that of James Carpenter (Meginness 1892). 

The Family of David and Hattie Carpenter

My thanks to Jesse Carpenter for asking me to write a few paragraphs about my role as “the family genealogist,” which I’m honored to be named and just a little embarrassed to accept. I’m not sure exactly when or how I started my own personal quest to find out where my Carpenter family name came from. “What country did our ancestor/s leave and what nationality were they?” I asked several family members, most of whom are no longer with us, some time after 1986 when I got sober for the first time. I had a lot of extra time, money and energy it seemed and although I’d never participated much in family events, I did have a longing to know the Carpenters’ country of origin and a bit more about our common story.